Hydro Division

The Management and the Board members of the CSC B.V. are the particulars of the CDM Corporations which have at their disposal comprehensive range of technical equipment , the necessary stock of engineers as well as recognized expert status in all the below mentioned industry sectors. CSC`s team have skills, credentials and also strong expertise in energy project to allow to operate successfully within emerging carbon markets. The management of CSC also has more than 30 years experience in financing high ticket products.

CSC  B.V. has  CDM specialist teams with more than 1000 engineers as a partner in every sector of the industry in reducing emission from .The selected project must be applicable under the Kyoto Protocol and under the EU linking Directive for use in Phase II of the EU emission Trading Scheme and fall within one of the following sectors:

  1. Land use , land use change and forestry
  2. Large Hydro project ( >20MW)
  3. Coal mines methane, coal bed methane
  4. Catalytic destruction or reduction of N2O
  5. Incineration of HFC 23 waste streams

CSC B.V. will be the Project Manager (PM)  and is the only contracting party for the Buyers and for sellers of Certificates.

The PM will contract a portfolio of Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (“ERPAs”) in his own name and for his own account. Tranches of this portfolio will be on sold by the PM to the Buyers on a fixed price basis according to their commitment level under individual Purchase and Agency Agreements.

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