Hydro Division

CSC B.V. contributes to the development of financial services for Large businesses  by increasing financial resources available to them and by strengthening the financial intermediaries that service these groups.

Least Developed Countries (LDC) Infrastructure of the company provides long-term financing for (public-private) projects in energy, telecom, transportation, water, environmental and social infrastructure projects.

Capacity Development (CD) program facilitates the transfer of know-how and skills that help clients improve their businesses. This service is usually incorporated into financial structures so that we can offer a full ‘package’, especially as our social, environmental and governance requirements are high


  1. To provide an additional cash flow to projects the purchase of Certificates encourages the implementation of projects that contribute to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Provides Buyers, who have otherwise no access to CDM and JI projects, with cost-effective Certificates that can be used to fulfill their obligations under the EU ETS.

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