Hydro Division

The objective of the project is to generate up to 80,000 MW from a mixed portfolio of renewable energy projects in North West Russia, and to transmit this energy into the EU power grid.

The purpose of this project is as follows:

  • Displace existing and future thermal and nuclear generation with environmentally sustainable renewable energy.
  • Assist EU states to comply with existing and future Directives on greenhouse gas emissions and national sustainability strategies.
  • Improve the security of EU/German power supplies by:
    - Adding further supply capacity to improve the supply-demand balance.
    - Provide entirely predictable tidal energy;
    - Augment the current and future EU/German wind portfolio with remote generation.  The geographic dispersity means that there will be virtually no correlation between the output of the NW Russian wind generation and the EU onshore and offshore wind portfolio.
    - Incorporate additional hydropower and possibly pumped storage into the supply to provide further diversity.

As part of this project there will be a need for one or more major transmission corridors to be established from NW Russia to the EU Grid.  This can be used to augment or enhance other planned transmission links, such as the north to south German “Electricity Autobhans” and the Smolensk to Frankfurt “Powerbridge”.  In addition a high capacity transmission line could be routed through Finland and Sweden to enable better integration of the Nordic hydroelectric portfolio into the EU Grid, providing enhanced stability and operational flexibility to the EU Grid.

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