Hydro Division

The key drivers behind this project are:

  • Reduction in EU/German electricity supply capacity due to nuclear phase-out and retirement of ageing and polluting thermal plant requires additional generation capacity.
  • EU Directive 2009/28/EU establishes obligations for member states to comply with renewable energy targets by 2020; it is envisaged that similar obligations will be set for subsequent periods.
  • Many EU Governments including that of Germany have set more ambitious targets than required by the EU Directives; in Germany the target is for 35% of all energy to be derived from renewables by 2022, and 80% by 2050.
  • Electricity demand predicted to grow as a consequence of switching of energy use (e.g. transportation from fossil fuels to electricity).
  • Increasing proportion of electricity generation in EU from intermittent generation technologies (primarily wind and solar energy).  The main resource for wind in the EU is concentrated is a relatively small area (UK and North Sea) which can be affected by a single weather system.
  • Future “Smart Grid” technology will enable the Transmission System Operator to manage the load to match short-term supply variation; this will be supplemented by short-term storage (pumped storage and batteries).  However dependable predictable generation sources (such as tidal power) will be needed for supply security.

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