Hydro Division

The North West Russia Renewable Energy Project (NWRREP) comprises four main components:

  1. Mezenskaya Tidal Power Project;
  2. Wind Energy Project in the Kola Peninsula and around the White Sea;
  3. Hydropower and pumped storage projects (new and expanded schemes) in West and North West Russia;
  4. High Voltage Transmission Lines.

Other renewable energy projects, including further tidal power schemes on the north coast of the Kola Peninsula and, potentially, tidal current schemes, will be included in the portfolio in the future.

The location of Mezenskaya TPP is shown in Figure 1 together with the region in which the wind energy projects will be developed. Potential indicative routes for the transmission line are shown. However these routes require optimisation and coordination with the existing network and planned expansion projects.

Location of Mezenskaya TPP

Figure 1: Location of Mezenskaya TPP


Stage 1 – 20,000 MW

Construction 2015 to 2030

Generation Technology Capacity (MW) Energy (TWh)
Tidal Power 8 000 39 TWh
Wind Energy 7 000 14 TWh
Hydroelectric 5 000 20 TWh
Total 20 000 73 TWh


Stage 2 – 60,000 MW

Construction 2025 to 2040

Generation Technology Capacity (MW) Energy (TWh)
Tidal Power 20 000 45 TWh
Hydroelectric 40 000 120 TWh
Total 60 000 165 TWh


In total it is planned that some 80,000 MW of renewable energy can be developed in North West Russia delivering in excess of 200 TWh per annum to the European / German Grid.

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